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Pastor Warren Johnson - May 27, 2015

The Joy of Sharing - WED

Scripture: Philippians 4:0-23 Sermon: “The Joy of Sharing” I. The Beauty of Giving (vs. 10-18) A. It Blesses Others (vs. 10, 15 and 16) B. It Enriches Us (vs. 17) C. It Pleases God (vs.18) II. The Bounty of God (vs. 19-20) A. The Source of Our Supply (vs. 19b) B. The Scope of Our Need (vs. 19a) III. The Benediction of Grace A. Emancipating Grace (vs.22) B. Ennobling Grace (vs. 21) C. Enabling Grace (vs. 23)

From Series: "Joy for the Journey"

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