Outreach & Discipleship

Soul Winning

Most Thursdays at 6:30 PM members of our church go out on visitation.  We also have Super Saturday Soul Winning on the first Saturday of each month beginning with breakfast at 9:30 AM.  On weeks that we have Saturday visitation we do not have it on Thursday night.


This is a ministry that provides opportunity for one-on-one teaching and training through a 12 week mentoring program. Disciples are taken through a systematic study of the Scriptures regarding foundational truths for the Christian life. This unique program provides volunteer accountability to an assigned spiritual tutor who will aid the disciple not only in learning the fundamentals but also in helping the disciple to establish a faithful walk with the Lord through prayer and personal Bible study. Men are paired with men and ladies are paired with ladies. After completing the discipleship program as a as a disciplee, graduates receive a certificate of completion and are then eligible to become a discipler and mentor others.