Connected College & Career

CONNECTED is our college-age ministry.  We are working together to build a community of college-aged people who follow Christ in order to reach a community of college-aged people who are lost without Him.

At CONNECTED, we want to make a difference by helping you become more equipped to make an impact and develop a deeper, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We want to help you to be:


The most important decision you could ever make is trusting Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. Once you have connected to Christ, you can begin grow and develop this vitally important relationship that we all need to sustain us.


Another important decision that you should make is connecting to a local Church. Grace Baptist Church offers you the opportunity to connect to a multi-generational, multi-cultural church where you can build authentic relationships with others in your stage of life. We offer weekly Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, Basketball, and Volleyball activities that allow us to grow stronger together.

CONNECTED to Community

CONNECTED offers a variety of ways to get involved in reaching out to our growing community.

We want to encourage you to get CONNECTED!

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